Tandra Page 1199, D-Day Apathy
Created on 06/09/2012
I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

I saw Mister Johnson yesterday. He stopped by and the subject of D-Day came up. Mister Johnson was talking about his grandson, Taterbug, who is attending public school. It seems Mister Johnson mentioned D-Day was 68 years past and Taterbug had no idea what Mister Johnson was talking about. Mister Johnson asked his grandson to take a guess and Taterbug asked, after a long and thoughtful pause, if D-Day was the day each year when this country goes to Daylight Saving Time.

Mister Johnson had to laugh.

Asking what else Taterbug had learned in school about the history of this nation, Mister Johnson heard this country was founded by slave holding white racists who hated black men, that the Civil War was fought because Abe Lincoln loved Africans and refused to allow Southerners to hold black men in bondage, that the wasteful American way of life is destroying the world and needs to be drastically scaled back if we are to save this planet.

Mister Johnson asked if that is what Taterbug is learning about American History and Taterbug replied his teachers say a lot of stuff, but it is so boring Taterbug does not pay much attention. Mister Johnson can believe the last part cos Taterbug’s grades are so low. On the other hand, if Taterbug is giving an accurate picture of the agenda that is taught in public schools these days, Mister Johnson figures it is just as well such information is not sticking in Taterbug’s head.

Mister Johnson told me he explained to Taterbug that D-Day was the day in World War II the Allied Forces landed in France to begin the drive that signaled the end of the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler. Mister Johnson was further shocked to learn Taterbug had no idea of who was Adolf Hitler though, Mister Johnson admitted, by this time he should have been far past being shocked about anything being taught to Taterbug in school these days.

It was reported the Beltway Messiah passed up the opportunity to recognize the D-Day anniversary this year. His schedule was taken in serial fund raisers and golfing excursions and there was no time left over to remember D-Day.

Mister Johnson is of the opinion there is a deeper reason for the Regime’s orchestrated apathy toward D-Day. D-Day is a symbol of free men pushing back against totalitarian authority. As an instrument of totalitarian authority from the Beltway, this regime does not wish to remind the American People totalitarian authority can be opposed and defeated. Such sentiments do not fit well into the operational agenda of the Pampered Beltway Ruling Clique. The Ruling Class prefers to promote the ideology of submission and the first stop in promoting uncritical submission in the minds of the young is Beltway controlled Public Schools with compliant Beltway faithful Public School teachers.

Which is the reason Mister Johnson has decided he is going to begin home schooling Taterbug.

Never forget Lexington and Concord!