Tandra Page 1200, Voting Against
Created on 06/13/2012
Im sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

It says here on the Internet the Tea Party folks are on a roll!

Who is the Tea Party?

Tea Party Patriots are Americans who, according to their own publicity flacks, are against Big Government, High Taxes, Corrupt Politicians, Executive Orders, Beltway Controlled Education and Indoctrination, The United Nations, Undeclared Wars, the EPA, Out-Of-Control and All Powerful Administration Czars, Big Public Sector Unions and, at the top of the list, President Barack Hussein Obama, God of the Beltway!

There are more things on the list the Tea Party stands opposed to, but I have only limited space and you have limited time for reading. Life is too short.

What does the Tea Party stand in support of? This list is much shorter. The Tea Party advocates some sort of ill defined concept of personal liberty subsidized by Government Hand Outs. That is to say, the Tea Party is in agreement Social Security, Farm Bailouts, Tax Credits to business and a host of other Big Government initiatives, but opposed to Big Government give aways that support Liberal and Progressive advancement.

In practical terms, American Politics today is about two groups of brigands fighting over a shrinking pile of loot, each screaming at the other, I have a license to take everything I wish and you cant have any!

As a political activist advised me, in the current political climate, Americans are reduced to voting for the lesser evil. Americans can no longer choose to vote in favour of a given political candidate. Our only practical option is voting against the crook in office. If such is true, as my political activist insists, there is something very wrong with our so-called Republic. When Americans choose to vote for the lesser evil, Americans are still voting for evil.

When you see your only option in voting is in choosing the lesser degree of evil, check the decisions you made, the choices you accepted and the betrayals you encouraged that brought you to having only degrees of evil from which to select.

Apologists for evil always insist there is no black and white in issues of morality, that everything is shades of gray. Those insisting evil comes in shades of gray are consistent in that the shades of grayed evil they recognize are biased to the darker range of the spectrum. They see no white.

Everything is black in a darkened room. The solution to distinguishing between bright and dark is to reach for the light switch and flip it. The light is much easier to separate from the dark if you stand in the sunlight.

Too many Americans have chosen to allow the practitioners of evil to lead them into a darkened room where all shades become the same and where it is proclaimed there are only degrees of evil from which to choose. Washing the darkened room with light shows the fraud perpetrated by the practitioners of evil and the lies of their agenda.

It is said sunlight is the best disinfectant against corruption. Light is also best reveals the truth.

Never forget Lexington and Concord!