Tandra Page 1201, Syn
Created on 06/21/2012
I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Pay attention, cos this is gonna get complicated.

Dragonrok is the son of Kenia, the Dragon Queen, by Earthian David Galon. The Queen became pregnant early on in the Tandra Saga while she was enjoying close personal relations with Tandra Protagonist David Galon.

Kenia and Tremaine have the same mother, though by different fathers. Kenia’s father was King of Anglia while Tremaine’s father was General Kargor of the High Tech Wizard Class.

Which means, Dragonrok’s mother is Tremaine’s sister which is to say Tremaine is Rok’s aunt.

And now Tremaine has revealed she and Rok have a son.

But, wait! What about the genetic complications that often arise from close relatives producing off spring together.

Way long ago, when I was setting up the Dragonrok Tremaine romance, I decided to make Rok and Tremaine close kin as a roadblock to their relationship. If they were aunt and nephew, they could never consummate their relationship, right?

But time marches on and I decided to remove the roadblock.

In the Tremaine On Earth adventure, Tremaine and Rok risked everything for the successful completion of a mission requested by the Olympian Gods. Tremaine came to serious physical injuries in the final dust-up.

No less than Apollo, himself, appeared to restore her.

In the process of renewing Tremaine’s brutalized and disfigured form, Apollo altered Tremaine’s body, at her request, in such a way that she could have children by Rok without fear of genetic defect.

Got all that?

In any event, readers can rest assured Syn, the boy introduced today on our Home Page as the son of Dragonrok and Tremaine, is a normally healthy boy.

The Third Generation of Tandra has arrived!

Never forget Lexington and Concord!