Tandra Page 1204, Fascism American Style
Created on 07/11/2012
Iím sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Yesterday, I wrote how American businesses are forced to contribute to political thugs as a cost of keeping their doors open and continuing to operate. I said these business owners support politicians in their re-election campaigns in exactly the same way and for the exact same reasons candy store owners and restaurant operators paid protection to the Capone Mob in Chicago in the Thirties.

No difference whatsoever at all.

But there is another class of American business owner who supports the government run protection racket for a different reason. This class of business owner is in bed with the political extortion class and supports political thugs voluntarily as a way to grow his market share and protect his business from competition. A free market capitalistic system is not a guaranteed one way ride to continued prosperity for big business. In a free market, uncontaminated by ham fisted government protection,there is always the danger some uncontrolled upstart will rise out of the hinterlands and start a new enterprise that produces a product or service that will make the older established corporation obsolete.

An uncontrolled upstart built a steam engine that put long and respected sailing ship companies out of business. A socially irresponsible upstart created automobiles and put the horse drawn transportation industry out of business. Some anti establishment fool learned to control electricity and put the much respected oil lamp industry out of business. A brainy type with too much time on his hands created a pocket calculator and made slide rules antique.

There is no security for established business in Capitalism, unless you can bribe government to stack the deck. A compliant government, made all the more compliant with a little legal bribery, otherwise called campaign donations, can result in legislation and tax incentive that can secure an established business within its arena of operation while locking the doors to keep would be upstart competitors out.

With the newly confirmed Supreme Court ruling on the Government Health Care and Citizen Control Act, the continued security of established corporations in this nation was made even more impregnable from assault by potential competition. No upstart business that challenges existing government approved corporations in todayís America need apply.

With the official ruling of Chief Quisling John Roberts that upheld the law to transform Americans from citizens into wholly owned appliances of the State, which he did by rewriting the law from a Commerce Clause law into a Tax law, the ability of moribund corporations to maintain their traditional place in the national economy, irrespective of their performance in satisfying the requirements of their customers, just took a big leap forward. The potential for upstarts to challenge government partnered institution just received a big and official smack down.

Since Chief Quisling John Roberts has ruled the Beltway Regime can tax Americans for failing to purchase a government endorsed commodity, Beltway connected corporations can now use the IRS as part of their sales force. As has been pointed out, Government Motors can rev up the dismal sales of the Volt by forcing Americans to choose between a hefty tax penalty and purchasing a Volt. General Electric can boost sales of new appliances by having Americans make a choice between the appliance of preference and a punishing tax. Nike can demand you buy new shoes or pay a tax. General Mills can demand you purchase Wheaties or pay a tax. McDonalds can demand you purchase a Big Mac or pay a tax.

Itís the new American Dream. Buy stuff or pay a punishing tax. The possibilities are without limit. American industry has joined at the hip to American dictatorial government. Itís Fascism on steroids.

Welcome to life in the Obamanation.

Never forget Lexington and Concord!