Tandra Page 1206, July 22, 2012
Created on 07/22/2012
In the classic movie, MR, SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON, right ultimately prevails cos one of the gang of corrupt political officials repents of his corruption and fesses up and the American Experiment is saved. Jimmy Stewart, along with Truth and Justice, win through in the end.

In a more recent movie titled SHOOTER, the same theme is addressed from a different perspective. Again there is corruption from the highest levels of government and, once again one man stands against widespread and pervasive evil. Once again, as with Jimmy Stewart and his famous filibuster speech, the hero of SHOOTER plays his hand to the end and goes down to defeat. It is only through intervention of the Last Honest Man Standing, in this case the Attorney General of the United States, that justice prevails. SHOOTER was made before the ascension of the current Administration.

The myth prevails.

Since Lexington and Concord, it has been an act of patriotic faith that, no matter to what degree corrupt politicians and their cronies game the system to advantage, no matter to what degree crimes and obscenities are enacted against Americans, no matter to what degree sub-human laws are enacted by means of bribery and intimidation, there remains, someplace up the chain of command, an honest patriot with the character and power to challenge injustice and bring the evil ones to heel.

Americans proudly, and in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, proclaim our system is a government of law and not of corrupt men. When push comes to shove, Americans believe justice will be upheld and that right will prevail.

There are any number of Americans, also, who believe in the Good Tooth Fairy.

The week of this nation’s Independence Day Memorial, (Yes, I chose that word over celebration by purpose and with full understanding of the difference in meaning.) I posted the text of the speech given by Patrick Henry the night of March 23, 1775. That speech is recognized as a major inspiration for the American break from control by the British Government.

An inconvenient truth Americans ignore and, in fact, of which not many are aware is that Patrick Henry did not sign on to the Constitution of the United States. He distrusted the idealistic assumption of the Fathers that foolishly believed all politicians would be virtuous men. Patrick Henry was highly skeptical of the broad taxing power delegated to the Congress.  He believed the Constitution allowed the government to control the governed, with little ability and no obligation to control itself. A particular concern was the President's authority and command over the armed forces.  Henry predicted that a President could use the military to run roughshod over the republic. (See the Lincoln War.) By 1776, Patrick Henry saw a moral depravity that concerned him, and he believed it would eventually set the stage for tyranny.

Can you look at the Beltway Regime and make the absurd claim Patrick Henry was wrong?

There are conspiracy theorists who look to the Beltway and see an overt campaign to destroy this nation and fundamentally transform it into their own private fiefdom with themselves as Lords of the Manor and the rest of Americans as indentured servants chained to the plantation.

The same conspiracy theorists would find ticks on a dog and come to the absurd conclusion the ticks have initiated a conspiracy to bring down the dog.

The truth is the Beltway Ticks have no grand design. There is no great conspiracy to destroy this nation. All available evidence indicates there is simply not enough aggregate intelligence in the whole of the Beltway to initiate and execute a successful conspiracy to commandeer a kindergarten playground, much less to take over a nation that had once been the last best hope for mankind on Earth!

And the Last Honest Man Standing has shown his preference for rewriting and ruling favourably on laws that codify unilateral control of the American People rather than risk exclusion from the best Beltway cocktail parties.

In this nation today, those addicted to subversive conspiracy theory are certain there exists a secret and powerful cabal with unlimited resources and masterminded by George Soros and the Koch Brothers with an agenda that includes instituting the United Nations as uncontested world power center with tyrannical policies dictated by Soros and Koch, who are seen as Lex Luthor, Attila the Hun and Doctor Doom combined into one ruling entity.

Pull back the Curtain of Beltway Oz and what you will find, in place of a super manipulator with grand dreams of impending tyranny, turns out to be a cluster of mindless ticks desperately scurrying for the shadows, ticks obscenely bloated in consequence of perpetual feeding from the Beltway Public Trough and with no grand design to bring down the host that sustains them. The only desire from their marginally functional brains is the short range demand for another handout from the host nation.

If you would surrender the nation that had once been the last best hope for mankind on Earth, know how small and impotent is the enemy that has destroyed you. You face not a monumental tyrant with unlimited power at his fingertips, but a cluster of ticks blindly scurrying for the shadows!

May the sun always shine on your parade!

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