Tandra Page 1209, Thank God For Joe
Created on 08/16/2012
I’m sitting on my back porch looking out over the yard as the rising sun brightens the Eastern sky.

Vice-President and National Treasure Joe Biden never fails to amuse. His gaffs and fraudulent stretching of the truth are the stuff of legend. One scratches the head trying to figure what the Messiah was smoking or shooting up when he decided to select Joe Biden as his running mate in 2008.

Ya gotta remember Joe Biden appraised the Messiah by saying, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,"

And the Chosen One was good with picking this guy to share the ticket with him??!!!

Well, first off, ya hafta understand a President, or a Presidential candidate, is a sock puppet, a front man for his handlers and the shadow groups that control him. A President is the guy they send out front to read from the tele-prompter and take the applause while the real movers and shakers hide behind the curtain and pull the strings to make the Presidential marionette dance on que.

So, the real question is not “Why the hell would the One choose Biden?”

The question is why would the Beltway God’s handlers choose Biden?

The answer to this perplexing question lies with a comment the Anointed One made about his grandmother who had taken over the responsibility of bringing him up when his mother decided she couldn’t be bothered. As I remember, the Messiah related his grandmother was on a bus and a gang of black...uh, excuse me. A gang of African American...No, that doesn’t sound politically correct and non-judgmental enough. How about, several youths with dark pigmentation and dressed in the costumes of a local street gang climbed onto the bus and the Messiah’s grandmother who raised him and had a job, while his grandfather stayed home and drank himself into a stupor, became nervous in the presence of youths who presented themselves in a threatening manner.

In telling the story, the Beltway God obviously did not approve of Grandma’s cautionary re-action, implying she should properly have gone up to the gang members, offered them the $9.73 she had in her purse and invited them home to meet the future Beltway God and to stay for dinner. The fact she did not showed, according to the One who had been abandoned by his mother and would have starved without grandma and her job, she was a typical white person in his eyes.

By the same token, the Messiah and his handlers recognize in Joe (gaff-a-day) Biden a typical white person and a typical American. Sharing the same room with Brain Dead Joe reinforces the delusion of the One and his handlers they are indeed the smartest people in the room. Sharing the room with a retarded Basset Hound would result in the same general effect. Selecting someone of minimal intelligence might shatter their fragile illusion of intellectual superiority.

There is some irresponsible speculation around political circles the super intelligent Administration team might choose to replace Biden on the ticket for 2012. Not a chance in hell!

Never forget Lexington and Concord!